India's 1st 'Complete House, Effective,
Lowest Cost, Easy to Use, Hard Water Solution

D’cal has made a revolution and has reinvented Hard Water Solution which has made life easier for people suffering from Hard water problems in different parts of India.

With a lot of research and testing in different labs, D’Cal has developed this Hard Water Solution with No maintenance, No Installation and is Green (No Water wastage and No Electricity required)

Hardness in water is primarily caused by high amount of Calcium and Magnesium. So instead of the traditional method of using filters to remove Calcium and Magnesium, D’Cal has used a Food grade media to remove the stickiness of Calcium ions. So while Calcium continues to be in water, it does not stick to walls, Taps, buckets, hair, etc. The product is also not bulky and is of the size of a regular water bottle. It just needs to be dropped in the overhead water tank thus eliminating the need of any pipes been cut or needing any plumber. Hence the Water Softener product is Maintenance free and no electricity required.

The icing on the cake is that this water softener comes to you only at a cost of Rs 3600/- which is  One tenth of the cost of other hard water softeners available in the market.

Below listed are some of the benefits of D’Cal Hard Water Solution.

  • The product completely eliminates the risk of Minerals like Calcium and Magnesium damaging your pipelines, expensive bathroom fittings, clothes, skin and hair.
  • The Product has no maintenance, No electricity required No plumbing required easy to use and highly effective
  • D’cal Hard Water Solution protects your assets like washing machine etc.
  • It saves you money on maintenance and electricity bills.

 The product lasts for a year’s time. Also, the body of the device is designed in such a way that it floats on top of water after its internal media is consumed. So it’s a simple indication to the customer that the product needs to be replaced.

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Hard Water Problems

Tap Problem

heat rod calcium deposition

Heater Rod


Shower blockage due to hard water


hair problem due to hard water

Hair Problem

skin problem due to hard water

Rough Skin

We reinvented the Hard Water Solution

The system masks the calcium ions to become inert and incapable of forming scales on your taps, fixtures, etc by using proprietary technology Uses tasteless, odorless, colorless and food grade media. The System prevents scaling of hard water stains on your Faucets, taps, Fixtures, Mirrors, in your bathroom and Kitchen ensuring that bathroom fittings look good as new for longer.
Appliances using Bore water like Geyser, washing machine, etc are protected from internal damage and corrosion thus extending their life. Reduces Harmful effects of hard water on your Hair and Skin. Prevents corrosion of your house Piping System.

Dcal Product with description

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Its Time to get rid of hard water problems

Our Promise

We promise to make it very simple and cost effective to own a hard water solution to solve the daily hard water problems.

Self Performance Test :

After 1 day of usage boil 1 litre of your regular Bore water and D’Cal water for 15 min.
See the difference yourself.
Satisfaction guaranteed.

D'Cal Benefits

No Maintenance

The main benefit you receive with D’Cal system is the maintenance free aspect

No Regeneration

There is no need for the regeneration process automatically or manually 

No Plumbing

A new installation doesn’t require any additional plumbing knowledge. Its like Do It Yourself.

dcal product with water
No High Cost

It’s of no high cost and gives value for the money against similar products

No Water Wastage

We understand how precious the water is and so our product also helps in no water wastage

No Electricity Required

Our Product doesnt require any electricity to make it work unlike other products

Dcal Water droplet

How To Use

Just drop in overhead water tank.
This product suitable for Independent Houses.
For Apartments complex, please contact us.

Life of Dcal

Life of D'Cal

Approx. 12 months
(depending upon water usage)
Please repeat the self performance test
as shown above after 10 months .


Our Customer Base

Dcal water softener Customer base throughout India

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