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Demo Steps

  • Step 1: In 2 Different Stainless Steel utensils, take 1 Litre of Bore Water per Utensil
  • Step 2: In One Utensil Hang this Demo Kit like Dip Tea
  • Step 3: Boil the Water in Both Utensils for 10 Minutes and let it cool down
  • Step 4: See the Calcium Deposition Difference on the sides of Utensil & Top of Water

D’Cal Benefits

  • 1 : No Electricity
  • 2 : No Maintenance
  • 3 : No Regeneration
  • 4 : No Plumbing
  • 5 : No Water Wastage
  • 6 : No High Cost
  • 7 : No Man Power Required

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