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How do I know I have Hard Water?

If you have a borewell in your house you are likely to have hard water. The way to confirm it is just to boil the water in a utensil and if you see white calcium molecules floating on the water or the water turns whitish, it means you have Hard Water.

What are the ill effects of Hard Water? If you have hard water in your house it is very likely that you start seeing scaling or white color on the taps and tiles of your bathroom. Because of this scaling, you may see the improper flow of water or even complete clogging of taps and pipes. At times you may have to replace the complete taps and the piping system of the house because of hard water.

Hard water also damages your geyser, washing machine, dishwasher, and other equipment in your house.

It is one of the key reasons for hair fall and skin rash.

How does Dcal work?

Unlike the traditional method which costs upward of Rs. 30,000/- rupees to install and 10,000 rupees for yearly maintenance, Dcal is a low cost, Innovative product that requires no maintenance, no regeneration, and easy to install.

DCal makes calcium and magnesium ions inactive using proprietary technology. We remove the stickiness of these molecules. so while calcium and magnesium continue to be in the water they do not create the ill effect of scaling and just flow away with water.

How to check that D’Cal is really working?

It’s simple. Normally whenever you boil hard water, calcium has the property of floating on the water. You can see it visually. You can do a simple test of boiling to see how D’Cal works. Take two stainless steel utensils and in one of them take one liter of your regular bore water and in the other take one liter of water from the overhead tank where DCal is put. Heat both utensils for approximately 10 minutes until the water boils and let it cool down. You will see visual calcium molecules floating in your regular bore water, whereas the D’Cal water will be much more transparent and clear.

What’s the life of the product?

The life of D’Cal Depends on water quality and usage, a Life of 10 to 12 Months with a replacement warranty of 6 Months.

How to use it?

It is very simple. You have to just drop the device in the overhead tank. No cutting of pipes, No plumber required.

What is the warranty for the product?

We give a free replacement warranty for 6 Months.

Does it work if Iron is present in water?


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