Dcal Hard Water Softener .

You have spent Lakhs on your Dream House.
Don’t let Hard Water spoil it



No High Cost (Rs. 3600/Pc)

Do you have any of these following problems in your house

About Dcal Hard Water Softener

How It Works

The System makes the calcium Ions inert using thus making it incapable of forming scales on your bathroom taps, Heater rods, etc

Dcal Content

Uses Tasteless, Odourless, Colourless and made of Food grade material (Test Report in Website)

Life of Dcal

10-12 months depending on water usage

How to Use

Simply drop in overhead water tank

Dcal Benefits

No High Cost (Rs. 3600/Pc)

No maintenance

No Regeneration

No Plumbing

No Water Wastage

No Electricity Required

No Man Power Required

About Dcal Demo Kit

  • The demo kit is Designed for just 1 liter of water
  • You can do the demo test yourself in your house with your water and see the difference
  • Demo Process is given along with Demo Kit
  • We believe in Customers “trying our Product before buying it”
Dcal hard water softener boiling test

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